O3 model | The High Vibrational People method

O3 Model

Sustainable change is only possible when you see your own pitfalls, energy leaks and possibilities. In our O3 model, we’ll make great strides towards new thoughts and feelings so that, from there, we can work towards new authentic behaviours and realising your goals, plans and dreams.


Looking yourself in the eye

The eye cannot see itself

Have you lost connection and feel that communication has become difficult? Is there a lot of drama in your team or organisation? Have projects become sluggish? Do you notice a lot of negativity and gossip? Are burnouts commonplace? Have your leaders turned into managers? Do you feel that your life is living you, or that you have become a stranger in your own organisation?



Don’t believe everything you think

Once you see where you get in your own way, we will delve into the origins of that, and tackle it from the root up. We believe that behaviour arises from feelings, and that feelings arise from thoughts. In this phase, you’ll say goodbye to your limiting thoughts and make space for your unlimited potential. This contributes to more success and happiness.


Taking action

Acting like who you are, being who you want to be.

In this phase, you are free once more. Free to build new behaviours and reach new goals. You will feel better, which is immediately reflected in your life. We’ll work on your new ‘user manual’, which you can reference any time. This puts you in control. The results? More satisfaction, more power, and better results.

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